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VGR's Homepage
Keeper of the Atari 2600/7800 cartridge list (and other lists) and creator of Indenture.
Matt Cooley's Classic Video Games
Lots of images and sounds, both home and arcade.
Lee's Eclectic Classic Video Games Info
Home of the Classic Video Games Book & Periodical List and the Atari Force FAQ, plus archived Usenet posts and graphics.
Riff Raff's Video Game Page
Includes the IRC #rgvc page and the Pac-Man Strategy Page.
Vancouver Classic Video Game Club
Members collect both arcade and home systems. Index of /holcomb/arcade/
Miscellaneous files, mostly arcade related.



Video Arcade Preservation Society (VAPS)
For those interested in collecting arcade games.
Who the hell is Steve Ryner?
Includes a trip to the St. Louis Coin-Op and Video Game Museum.
Arcade Nostalgia
Kevin Phillips has various information on classic arcade games, including manual cover scans and his Tempest tattoo.
Doug's Arcade
Doug Jefferys has information on the games he owns.
Fungus Amungus
Harold Balde collects and trades in all sorts of coin-operated machines.
Fred Vecoven RGVAC Page
Information on arcade game collecting. (Nice graphics, if you have Netscape.)
JROK's Homepage
Collects arcade game, plus created PacPc and MsPacPc (nearly perfect ports of the arcade games; freeware!). Gareth Hall's Home Page
Featuring the Bubble Bobble Home Page.
Michael's Arcade
Michael Stormoen has a few pictures of games he owns.
The Webside Resort
Chris McBride, an arcade game collector.
Arcade Video Game Information
FAQs and tech tips for arcade games.

Game(s) Specific

The BurgerTime Homepage
BurgerTime information.
Denis Hruza's Arcade Page
Home of the Crystal Castles Page, the Sinistar Page, and more. Jess's Donkey Kong Page
About the real Donkey Kong and its sequels. Frogger
Which part of "Frogger" didn't you understand?
E-Glide has written several stories on classic arcade games for Hype ElectraZine.
Williams Arcade Game Info
Screenshots and sounds from and technical information on classic Williams' games: Bubbles, Defender, Joust, Robotron 2084, Sinistar, and Stargate. Stargate Rules
How to build a Stargate (a.k.a. Defender II) control panel.
Vector Based Arcade Games
Tim Hoffman is putting together information on all arcade games using vector graphics. You might have problems if you don't have Netscape 2.x or later.
Atari Vector Game Page
All about Atari's vector games.

Home Systems


Classic Home Videogames Museum
The perfect place for a (re-)introduction to classic video games.
History of Home Video Games Homepage
Greg Chance maintains the definitive source on all classic home systems. It has FAQs, lists, game manuals, and overlay scans.
SteveR's Classic Carts
Steve Reed has pictures of "lost" and hard to find games.
Bob's Video Games Page
2600, 7800, Intellivision, Vectrex, and more.
Old game systems
Brief game reviews for the Atari 2600, Odyssey2, and (not classic) SMS.
John's Home Page
Pictures of some 2600 games altered with the use of a RAMCART plus a new Vectrex game.
Ross Hamilton's Classic Video Game Homepage
Some archived Usenet posts.
Bob's WWW Page
Bob Tribble maintains a list of multi-player games for all systems (including modern ones) and has information on the story behind Cloak and Dagger for the 5200.
Gamer's Island
The top 14 games for every system under the sun, voted on by you.


Bally/Astrocade FAQ

Atari 2600/5200/7800

Vintage/Classic Games
Pete has information on all three systems.
The Atari Library
Information on all of Atari's old products.
The 2600 Connection
The newsletter goes online.
The Atari 2600 Collector's Homepage
John Earney maintains the Atari 2600 Label Variations List.
Atari 7800 Web Page
A collection of information on the 7800.
Atari 2600 Development System Information
Pete Rittwage has created Atari 2600 DevKit and EasyReader, which can be used with the Atari 2600 Action Pack.
Ancient Atari PAL Division
Good 2600 information, particularly for people in coutries with PAL instead of NTSC.
Atari 2600 Rules the World!
Kirk Israel has 2600 information, plus an interview with the creators of Archon.
Atari 2600 Home Page
By Eddie Beiles. Scans of rare cartridges.
Shinto's Atari Page
Some rare scans and pictures.
2600 Archive
Mostly scanned boxes, but check out the MindLink.
Classic Atari Commercials
QuickTime movies of commercials for the Atari 2600 and Atari computers. x2600 Home Page
An Atari 2600 emulator for X-Windows.
Portable Atari 2600 Eumlation Project
Not related to Activision's Atari 2600 Action Pack emulator.
Atari CollectorNet - U.K.
Atari 2600 Records
Nate Niceswanger is keeping a list of high scores on various games.
Raiders of the Lost Ark solution
If you never finished ROTLA, now you can. Atari 2600 RPG
Information on the Atari 2600 role-playing game project.
2600 Meets the 1990's
A humorous look at revising 2600 games.


Blue Sky Rangers
The original Intellivision game programmers!


ColecoVision Homepage
All about the Colecovision.
A portable Colecovision Emulator.


Marlin Bates in Fuji-dom
Marlin trades in most systems.
Roberto's Page
Robert Batina trades games and has Commodore/Amiga links.
Dennis Brown's Video Games
Dennis owns games for most systems. Video Game Paraphernalia
Matt B.: 2600, 7800, others.
Pat Calahan WWW Page
Pat Calahan: 2600, 5200, 7800, Arcadia, Astrocade, Colecovision, Intellivision, and Odyssey2.
Matthew Carter
Classic home systems and classic computers.
Profile of CRACKERS
Chris Cracknell: 2600. Also 2600 composite video modification.
Zach D's Ripped Homepage
Zach D. has 2600 own, sale, and want lists, plus runs the Virtual Flea Market.
Classic 1980's computer/video game systems
Bill trades games and tells you how to clean your carts.
Classic Video Game Links
Tim Grooms collects and wants 2600, 5200, 7800, Colecovision, Intellivision, and Odyssey2 stuff.
Gill Family Homepage - Atari 2600 List
The Gill family collects the 2600 and Hot Wheels.
Q*bert's Qorner
A.P. Hilliard collects for the 2600, Odyssey2, Colecovision, and Intellivision. Home Page for MrPete11
Peter Larson: 2600.
Kevin's Cla>

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Classic Atari Commercials

[IMAGE: Atari Logo]

The following Classic Commercials are in QuickTime format. They are courtesy of Tony Ramos (

Yars Revenge (2.83M)

Prism (5.71M)

Stock Analysis (2.98M)

French Tutor (2.88M)

Atari VCS (2.94M)

States & Capitals (2.91M)

Atari 2600 Related Homepages